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Hi, dude.... This is Tony. hmm... Just wanna tell u a little bit about myself.... But I think u guys already know me a lot anyway.... cuz Only my best friends know that I have this homepage.

First of all, I am a Chinese guy, more than 25 yrs old (I won't tell u exactly how old I am unless u already know it... soli... haha...) I am 1.86cm , almost = 6 feet I think. But I may look like a little bit higher cuz I am too slim now !!! (After I work in TD Bank for a year, I become too fat now. Yesterday I just bought a new blue jeans at GAP, size 32x34. I didn't fell any loose when I try it on... my size used to be 30x32... what a shame! Today is Jan.31, 2001... Let's see what will happen after another half year... ). The next thing I might do is buy a weights and do some exercises (body building) everyday! That will help me become stronger as before.... next?! (I Spent $60 on weights two month ago, but i only practise for about 10 days, I am too lazy now... I will try to pick it up today...)Hummm.... short hair.... black eyes (a little bit small, but they are very useful when I take exams! So I love my eyes sooo much.... haha.... A nice nose (at least I think so!) Now u may have a picture of mine in ur mind.... ok, u will know that I may have a little bit better looking than u imagine when u really meet me.... Many many people say I look like a typical guy from Beijing, I think that might because they heared I speaking Beijing chinese.... haha...anyway, I really like to hear something like that.

Ok... ok...ok…. My habit?
Number 1: Fishing .... for sure! I went fishing in Beijing Since I was a little kid. After I came to canada (now I live in Toronto, Ontario), I found canada is a heaven for fishing. Fresh air... beautiful lakes... not to many people.... these things are the main reasons I like to be here in canada. otherwise, I like Beijing more... cuz most of my best friends are still there. I miss them so bad. By the way, I like huntting too, I wanna thank my dad here, We almost went hunting every weekend in china since I was 10. But I don't go hunting now, cuz I don't have time to take the hunting license class here.

Number 2: Computer... for sure. That is my major now in canada, (I finish my studying in university for Hotel Managemant in china.) Now I am studing in a college in Toronto. (Finally I graduated in May.2000... Thank God ...) But I don't really enjoy what I am studing in the school now (like C++, Java , power builder and other things like these shit....). But I do learned something about computer by myself (the knowledge out of C++ etc. I mean). I sit in front of the computer almost 6~8 hours everyday. (come on... that does not include the time I playing games!!!)

Number 3: play pool(billiards). I always go to some clubs or sport bars here to play pool with my cousin and my cousin just give me a very nice cue as a gift and I like it very much. But after that, he lose more and more... ahhahaha ....

Number 4: ski(down hill) I just ski for several times since 1998. but I found that is the most exciting game in the world!!! (I mean sports, physically) when u coming down from the top of the hill.... u will feel the excitement of speed!!! Geeeee... I love that feeling and I love this Game!!!

Check Out My Ski Picture ....

Number 5: Swimming... I have win some champinship in china... and now I have life Guard license here in canada. I went swim at least once a week.

Number 6: skateing... I learned skate since I was 8... I skate every winter until now.

Number 7: Drinking... I enjoy beers like crazy, but beers in Canada are too expensive. This is one of the reasons that I don't like Canada. But I found out I can find some very good red wines from all over the world here. This is the another reason I love Canada. haha... -1+1=0....

Number 8: Cooking... maybe because I like eating too much... so I have to cook something for myself... mmm... I think I am a good cooker. Stew spicy pork, steam fish... mmmm.... anyway, all my friends who has tried my cooking told me I did great! Someday I maybe cook some dishes for u!

Well... too much...? I am so tired now(damn... I hate typing...) and I think u r tired too(I'm soli... ) I think... ok, I think these words are enough for u to know a little about me...for all my friends I know and I don't know... please forgive me for the grammar error, this is not a university research report, right? Thanks! If u want know me more, u can contact me at ps. i will upload some of my pictures here... please relax and wait....

Special Thanks

h! I almost forgot... my dear dear dear Mum and Dad... if u read this, don't mad on me, please. I wrote this just for fun. I just wanna talk about something fun I did in my spare time, I didn't waste my time that is for sure! I am old enough, I already know what is the most important and what I should do. so, don't worry about me, please. I love you two so much... and Zheng my dear brother. I love you too...

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