Forbidden City

-- Dongliugong (Six Eastern Palaces) --

Palace of Great Brilliance Dongliugong,( The Six Eastern Palaces), consists of Jingrengong (Palace of Great Benevolence), Chengqiangong (Palace of Celestial Favour), Yonghegong (Palace of Eternal Harmony), Jingyanggong (Palace of Great Brilliance), Zhongcuigong (Palace of Purity) and Yanxigong (Palace of Lasting Happiness).

The palace complex stands on the east side of the Inner Court. These buildings also provided living quarters for the imperial concubines and a majority were restored during the 17th century. Now most of the palaces have been turned into exhibition halls for the display of Chinese treasures collected by the imperial family.

Jingrengong (Palace of Great Benevolence) houses an exhibition of more than five hundred ancient Chinese bronzes. Two other halls, namely Zhaigong and Chengsudian also have displays of magnificent bronzes.

Gate of Great Benevolence Chengqiangong (Palace of Celestial Favour) and Yonghegong (Palace of Eternal Harmony), are now the Pottery and Porcelain Exhibition Halls. Here visitors will find an impressive display of pottery and porcelain dating from the Neolithic Age through to the Qing dynasty.

Jingyanggong (Palace of Great Brilliance) houses the Ming and Qing Crafts Exhibition and here lacquer wares, items of jade, stoneware, glassware and metal wares created during these dynasties are displayed.

Zhongcuigong (Palace of Purity) was the palace where the crown prince lived during the Ming dynasty.

After you have completed your tour of sites in this section, go north to Yuhuayuan (Imperial Garden).

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