Forbidden City

-- Fengxiandian (Hall for Ancestry Worship) --

Hall for Ancestral Worship used to be where sacrifices were given to imperial ancestors. Fengxiandian, The Hall for Ancestry Worship, was built in 1656 during the Qing dynasty. It has both a front and a rear hall, which are connected by a lobby. Its main function was for the offering ofsacrifices to imperial ancestors. Grand sacrificial ceremonies would be held in the front hall on important occasions. On the days of an ancestor's birth, death and other traditional festivals, ceremonies would be conducted in the rear hall.

Shrines and statues in the hall were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution and the lobby has been expanded. Now the hall looks almost square inside and is open to the public as the Clock and Watch Exhibition Hall. Different kinds of clocks and watches were given as gifts to the imperial family by foreign envoys in the Qing dynasty and are worth seeing.

Go east to visit Ningshougong (Palace of Tranquil Longevity).

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