Forbidden City

-- Kunninggong (Palace of Terrestrial Tranquility) --

Palace of Terrestrial Tranquility Kunninggong, Palace of Terrestrial tranquility, was first built in 1420 and restored in 1655. It is the only example of Manchurian architecture in the Forbidden City and was the residential palace of the empress during the Ming and Qing dynasties. However, in the Qing dynasty, the newly wed emperor and empress lived in the East Warmth Chamber of this palace for just a few days. After this time, the emperor would move to the Hall of Mental Cultivation and the empress would move to another palace. The emperor's bridal suite in the East Warmth Chamber was painted red and the palace lamps were decorated with red Double Happiness symbols to create a warm and happy atmosphere. The delicate and exquisitely embroidered bed curtain and quilt both feature a hundred playing children. The emperors all desired to have many children to show the imperial family's prosperity.

In the West Warmth Chamber, a religious sacrifice would be offered up every day. On important occasions, emperors and empresses would preside over the ceremonies in person.

Behind the palace, it is the Kunningmen, the Gate of Terrestrial Tranquility, with the imperial doctors' duty room, dispensary and the eunuchs duty room flanking it.

Do you smell a garden? Go north to Yuhuayuan (Imperial Garden).

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