Freezing Fish

Freezing is the method most people choose for preserving fresh fish and other seafood products. However, this preservation technique is effective only if the product is handled in such a way that its quality is kept near peak freshness. The quality of frozen seafood is directly related to the quality of the starting material. If the seafood you freeze is of poor quality, the seafood you thaw will be of poor quality--perhaps even poorer.

Proper Freezing Technique

Proper Thawing Technique

Refreezing Fish

  • If the fish has been thawed and handled properly (in the refrigerator, not at room temperature), refreezing will not introduce any new food safety risks. (See the above section for proper thawing technique.) However, the process of thawing and refreezing can cause toughening, loss of flavor, and other food-quality problems.

Storage Life

  • Frozen fish of good quality that were handled and frozen properly from catch to the freezer should remain of high quality for the period listed on page 2. These time periods are approximate and assume a freezer temperature of 0 degrees.

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