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Fish Identification :

Here are the common types of fish that anglers are likely to catch in Ontario's lakes and streams. Information is provided on the following:

  • Offical name and Common names (with color Pictures)
  • Distribution and Habitat
  • Fishing Techniques
  • Preparing Bait
  • Where to find them (Around Toronro area)
  • Key identifying characteristics that separate them from those similar fish

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My Fishing Message Board :

Come on in here to share your Fishing experiences with friends! Fell free to post your Fishing tips...... Please Join Us !!!

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How to Fishing Carp :

Carps are often considered stupid and easy to catch. Well I an not so sure about this... Although the salmon may give a faster fight, no fish can compare with the dour, stubborn, raw power that a carp has. When they feel the hook, they will take long classic runs which really make you wonder what you've hooked into. Typically set the hook and the fish doesn't move much right away and then a slow but very powerful run where you wonder weather the reel is going to explode under the pressure......

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How To Make Knots :

Making knots are always a trouble for a new angler, here I will show you some simple but useful knots:

  • How to Joining lines of different diameter
  • How to tying line to reels
  • How to join lines of different diameter, as in fly fishing
  • How to make an all purpose Uni-Knot
  • How to snelling a hook

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Fishing Maps :

Don't know where to start while you got to the lake? Tired of looking up fishing maps and tips on the internet? Here are my collections of fishing maps. My maps will show you how to get there from Toronto, local map of the lake area, specific fish locations of the lake, a brief introduction of the lake and fishing tips from local fisherman!

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Fishing Tips from Pros :

Here are some very very useful fishing tips from professional fisherman, read it and catch more fish! Good Luck!!!

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