Channel Catfish

Trent Canal in Wasago, just north of Orillia. Right under the hwy#11 bridge. Good for channels, bullheads and bowfin. The channels seem to hit better after 11pm. Worms, chicken livers and Strike King catfish bait all worked well. Mid-may is best.

Maitland in Goderich. Lots of Channel Cats both big and small, and clean too. The river mouth is good, as is the area downstream from the railway bridge. April and May are good. They take minnows and worms.

Trent River. Try fishing the current edges around the dam or even right in the current. You may find the fishing improves in the evening and through the night. For bait, use either chicken livers, or even better, cut suckers into chunks and fish either of these baits with at least a 1/0 wide bend hook and a sliding egg sinker on the bottom.

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