Black Crappie

Common Names: Calico bass, strawberry bass, crappie, spotted crappie.

Description: Anal fin almost the same size as the dorsal fin.  Color pattern of irregular dark splotches on a light background.  Best method of identification: black crappie has 7 or 8 spines in the dorsal fin.

White Crappie

Common Names: Crappie, silver crappie, bachelor, newlight.

Description: Anal fin almost the same size as the dorsal fin.  Color pattern of dark splotches arranged in vertical bands on a pale background.  Best method of identification: white crappie have 5 or 6 spines in the dorsal fin.

   Both white and black crappie are found throughout Ontario lakes.  However, it is the bays with stickups, river and creek channels, bottomland lakes, and rock rip-rap areas that generally produce the better catches as they like an abundance of cover that also offers shade.  There are no striking differences in the habits of these two species; however, it appears black crappie seem to prefer stump or heavy brush areas more than white crappie.  These species spawn in April and May.  Fishing success deteriorates during the summer months as they move into deeper water.  Anglers who can locate crappie in their deeper haunts will find that these fish can be caught even during the summer.

       Minnows and jigs, or a combination of the two, are the most popular baits.  Both can be fished in a variety of ways.  Long shanked wire hooks, No. 6 to No. 2, are the most common sizes used by minnow fishermen.  Fiberglass extension poles 8 to 12 feet long, fly rods, and cane poles are the types of rods generally used.  These are rigged with monofilament line, with a tensile strength of  8 to 15 pounds, so crappie can be pulled from the brush upon hooking or so the line is strong enough to pull free from snags by straightening out the wire hook.



Where to Find Them

How to Get There

Waterford Ponds
The boat ramp is on Mechanics street. If you come in to Waterford from Brantford turn right on Mechanics street, go about 2 Km up the road until you cross a set of train tracks and come down a hill which opens to ponds on the left and right. Turn in the parking lot on your right. If you cross the bridge you went too far. The boat ramp is in the parking lot but is not visible from the road. The ramp is basically gravel and shallow but is ok for bass boats or up to about an 18 foot aluminum.

Halfway Heaven Marina
Right at the end of 404 in Newmarket. Go down to the end of Bathurst You could also head strait up Younge St. to Hollands Landing; Bathurst is about a mile south of there.

Holland River
Take Highway 404 to the end of Davis Road and make a left so that you are going West. When you hit Highway 11 (Yonge Street) make a right turn so that you are going north. You will be in Bradford; watch for a bridge over the Holland River and for a bait store on your right hand side. Fish on the north side of this bridge.

Take Hwy 48 (Markham Road) north to Ravenshoe Rd. (#32). Go west until #12, then right (north) to Keswick. Canals are at foot of Irene Street. Maskinonge River is right in town of Keswick (you'll go over it on #12).

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