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Located about 50 miles (80 km) east of Toronto, Rice Lake is a spectacular southern Ontario fishery, offering everything from early-summer weedline bass to plentiful September muskie. Not to mention that it's one of the province's best crappie fisheries. Part of the Trent- Severn Waterway, the long, shallow lake is full of mud flats and weed beds where abundant food, shelter, and hatching grounds attract some of Ontario's favourite game fish.

Rice lake is known for it's wild rice cultivation, the lake is very shallow (max. depth is 27 ft.). Weedbeds and mudflats are abundant and attest to the lake's great fertility. Panfish abound in these waters and provide food for the highly sought after predatory fish, such as bass, walleye, and muskie. You can access Rice lake via the public launches located in Bewdley and Roseneath.

Walleye Patterns:
In spring, walleye can be found scattered in the weedflats around Bewdley, cast a silver rattle spot, retrieve at medium speed in 5-8 ft. of water, try to cover a lot of water, this area is quite large. If the bite is off, try trolling in this area with a chartreuse worm harness. Also fish the mouth of the Otonobee River, where it spills into the lake, use jigs tipped with worms or minnows, in the deeper holding pools off Jubillee Point. In summer, the walleye school in the deeper channel on the south end of the lake, just out from Gores Landing, troll slowly with chartreuse worm harness in 17-21 ft. Once you catch a walleye, anchor, and fish with jigs tipped with bait. Also fish the waters of the triangle inside Sugar, Upper Foley, and White Islands, using the same techniques.

Bass Patterns:
Largemouth Bass are quite common in this lake, and Professional Bass Tournaments are held yearly. In summer largemouths are concentrated on the weedflats north of Bewdley. The weeds are high at this time of year, and they may choke the entire south-west bay. Look for clearings and pockets in the weeds and cast texas-rigged worms or plain jigs into the holes, motor-oil and smoke colours work best, use heavy line 14 lb. test and up, once again cover lots of water, check the weeds near 6-8 ft. of water. Mouth of Otonabee in the stumps off Cow Island is also a good bet. Go up Otonabee and fish the Lily pads near Bensfort Bridge, use frog imitations like the pop-r and snagproof sally.

Smallmouths can be caught in the triangle with the walleyes. Also fish the drop-off created by the sunken railroad near Tick Island the many rocks from the old railway attract crayfish, the smallmouth's favorite food.

Tip Posted by Joe Date : September 18, 2000
I've just recently been fishing rice just north of roseneath and have had lots of luck with largemouth bass and walleye. Fish any of the islands on the tips anchoring in 12-15 ft of water and fish the slope in 20-26 ft with jigs and power baits, drag the jig slowly up the ledge occasionally with a pop and good results will happen. You have to work the area very thoroughly as the fish seem to be scattered at this time of year. The main thing is to go very slowly. I boated a 4.8 lb largemouth and three walleye the largest being 3.3 lbs ..also picked up 6 crappie and perch.

Tip Posted by DRING Date : April 24, 2000
I`ve fished Rice Lake for many years and the spot that my Dad and I always head to is located in between the Otonabee River and the Hiawatha Indian Reservation, (the old sunken railway line). There is a white church probably about a mile or two from the marker bouys towards the river and if you fish about 100 to 250 yards from shore it seems to be a great spot for walleye and perch, We`ve always had great luck with the fishing in this spot. Try it out some time I don`t think you`ll be disappointed... Take care and good fishin`.

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