Northern Pike

Techniques and Lures

Use 10 lb line, with a good quality 9" black wire leader with good ball bearing swivels and cross-lock snaps. Try a weedless rapala spoon, in silver, polished brass, silver/blue and orange/green. Cast to a weedy spot and rip it through.  Other good lures include the daredevil series, red and white or five of diamonds, mepps spinners, and spinners with a frog or two-tail twister in white and yellow. Make sure you have long-handled hook removers on board.  Find a weedy bay or inlet, cast into or onto shore and take the bait back to the boat at a medium speed retrieve. Dont be afraid to move around; once you find one fish, you will find more. Pay close attention as your lure hits water, as pike may hit it as soon as it lands. Best action is generally dawn until late morning.


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