Walleye on the Fly

Walleye will hit flies as readily as any lure if presented at the right time. Just match your fly to the walleye's main food source in the particular body of water you're fishing. In most cases in southern ontario, a 3" or 4" perch, emerald shiner, or dace imitation works well. Make sure you choose the best locations and weather conditions when you fish and you won't be dissapointed. For example, try to fish anytime walleye are in shallow water, such as early morning, evening, nightime, and cloudy days. Cast along rocky points, sunken islands, sandbars, and weedbeds. In rivers, fish the current edges or the areas below dams. When the fish are deeper than 15', you're better off sticking to conventional tackle. Dark water lakes should be more productive than clear water lakes during the day. In early spring, walleye feed more on emerging nymphs than minnows and during the months of May and June they take full advantage of the numerous fly hatches such as mayflies and caddis flies.

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