Chrono Tank (Allied) The chronosphere tank comes equipped with its own chronosphere allowing it to teleport across the map and wreak havoc behind enemy lines.
Demolition Truck (Allied) The demolition truck acts like a Tanya on wheels. However it is yet unknown if they will only be useable once.
Field Mechanic (Allied) The Mechanic acts as a Medic but heals vehicles instead of infantry.
Mad Tank (Both) It is believed that the Mad tank will be able to fire off a shock wave that inflicts damage on every unit on the map.
Missile Sub (Soviets) The missile sub is able to fire at land as well as sea based enemies.
Tesla Tank (Soviets) This vehicle is supposedly the same as the Tesla Tank from the Counterstrike game and works in the same way. The obvious difference is that this Tesla Tank can be played on Multiplayer instead of just on normal missions.
Shock Troopers (Soviets) The shock trooper has it's very own tesla pack. GREAT. A mobile tesla coil.


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