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star pic Custom Tag

Declaring a XML Namespace
<html xmlns:#>...</html>

Declaring a Tag name and Style
<style> #\:TAG {Style-Declaration} </style>
      #=namespace, TAG=custom tag name

Use Custom Tag
      #=namespace, TAG=custom tag name

    TEST\:RED {color:red}
<H1>Custom Tag Test</H1>
<TEST:RED>This text will be a red color.</TEST:RED>

star pic Inline XML

XML data can be included in an HTML document to script against it.
Nothing will happen without scripting.

<xml ID=#> ..xml data.. </xml>

<XML ID="SAMP"> <member> <name>Netwrok Communication Design</name> <email>msg@ncdesign.org</email> </member> </XML> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Member Name" onClick="alert(SAMP.XMLDocument.documentElement.childNodes.item(0).text)"> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="E-Mail Address" onClick="alert(SAMP.XMLDocument.documentElement.childNodes.item(1).text)">
Netwrok Communication Design msg@ncdesign.org

<script language="xml" ID=#>
..xml data..

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="xml" ID="SAMP1"> <member> <name>NCDESIGN</name> <email>Not Available</email> </member> </SCRIPT> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Member Name" onClick="alert(SAMP1.XMLDocument.documentElement.childNodes.item(0).text)"> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="E-Mail Address" onClick="alert(SAMP1.XMLDocument.documentElement.childNodes.item(1).text)">

star pic Linking XML

<xml ID=# src=#></xml>

<XML ID="SAMP2" SRC="samp/sample.xml"></XML> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Member Name" onClick="alert(SAMP2.XMLDocument.documentElement.childNodes.item(0).text)"> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="E-Mail Address" onClick="alert(SAMP2.XMLDocument.documentElement.childNodes.item(1).text)">

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