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    Hello, This is Tony, Welcome to my home ... Enjoy your stay here ... Hope we can be friends ... Please E-mail me!    

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     Hi, there. How are you doing? Welcome to my homepage. I am a Chinese guy, 1.86cm. Hummm ... short hair ... black eyes (a little bit small, but they are very useful when I take exams! So I love my eyes soooo much ... haha ... A nice nose (at least I think so!) Now you may have a picture of mine in your mind ... ok, u will know that I may have a little bit better looking than u imagine when u really meet me ... Ok, Ok ... wanna know me more? come on in here, please ...

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     I graduated from George Brown College in 2000 with a computer programmer diploma. I also have a Bachelorís degree in Hotel Management and can speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. During the study period in George Brown College, I have learned how to use different kind of computer applications and many languages. Involvement in project teamwork has helped me to develop strong organizational abilities and allowed me to use my initiative and creative talents. I currently employed as a QA by TD Waterhouse... please check out my resume here ...

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